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Special Offer - Normally $47 per month
Yours FREE!
Hurry, this offer won't last!
Hear what our members have to say: 

“The way these experts are able to talk about their knowledge and wisdom in an easy to understand way is awesome. It's great to actually receive some handy quick tips and tricks that can simply help me turn my week around.” 

- Josh
Account Manager & Business Owner
“These experts have a fabulous style of presenting! Their energy is infectious & I tend to immediately connect with what they're saying. I love self-development & have listened to a fair few speakers over the years, but I've found that these experts have a really interesting take on several things that I have never heard put in that way before, & I find myself walking away from these trainings with a new view on how I want to tackle my goals.”

- Holly
DJ & Company Director

"My experience with Wes and the MindAim Academy has greatly improved my understanding of the positive effects that can come from being exposed to some great minds regularly. The regular sessions and structure helped me feel increasingly in control of my future as well as regaining an overall sense of agency."

- Kwaku 
Corporate Employee
meet the founder 
I'm Wes Pettit and welcome to MindAim! I have always been an 'achiever' trying to do as much as I could. Although I had accomplished feats such as two Bachelor Degrees, ran over 600 events with my start-up company and was getting great guests on my podcast, I still felt like I wasn’t worthy of success. 

I would find myself subconsciously self-sabotaging and heading straight back to the familiar. To my life thermostat that was set at a certain comfort zone, income bracket and level of success. You may be able to resonate with this.  

I knew that I needed to seek the answers or else I would keep getting what I’d always gotten. From October 2017 to now, I have been on that quest and have discovered the the answers and the secrets from many experts. 

Through 500 days of meditation, Buddhism, Stoicism, Dr John Demartini’s Breakthrough experience, many podcast interviews and working one-on-one with several other experts, I have discovered what works. 

And I want to share with you what works - direct from the mouths of the experts themselves, so you too can start winning your inner game and start achieving your outer purpose!

Yours Mindfully,
Wes Pettit 

ps If you wish to know more about me, feel free to browse my LinkedIn Profile and send me a friend request! 
Special Offer - Normally $47 per month
Yours FREE!
Hurry, this offer won't last!
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